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Re: Dependency hell

Warren Togami wrote:

Richard Hally wrote:

Please see the list of my attempts to update my system to rawhide. The thing that seems most incorrect is that rpm or yum do not report correctly the packages that need to be excluded. Since there always seems to be some dependency problem (one gets fixed but another one stops the update) it would seem that a reliable way to determine which packages to exclude would be very helpful and save time that can be put to better use. thanks for any help,
Richard Hally

1) Development and test releases never were supported and there is never the expectation that upgrades will go smoothly all the time. We try our best to prevent breakage whenever possible, but these things inevitably periodically happen when you have dozens of developers working on many interlocking pieces of the puzzle. We are working on improving the standard processes to avoid more of these issues in the future, but eliminating it completely may never happen.

2) apt-get upgrade (but not dist-upgrade) avoids the missing pieces automatically. All the way through FC2 test1 to current rawhide it has worked for me in not leaving a broken system. The current selinux policy problem needs to be solved though. Panu have you communicated with the selinux people about this?


Thanks Warren, I understand your 1) above, that is why it is important to provide the mechanism to enable people to work around the problem in a reasonably proficient manner. I'll look into this apt-get , perhaps yet another "update mechanism" will be the answer ;-)
p.s. I've been lurking on the SELinux list since early 2001 and my main reason for getting involved with Fedora is to work on SELinux. Perhaps I'll be able to "pick up a shovel" once I get past spending so much time on this "dependency hell".
Thanks for your help,
Richard Hally

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