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Re: FC2 and FC1 and common home

* Julien Olivier <julo altern org> [04-Apr-2004 19:56]:
> On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 18:35, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> > Are they any "gotcha's" related to using the same /home partition for
> > both FC2 and FC1?
> > 
> I had a working FC1 with /home in its own partition. Then I installed
> FC2 (I didn't do an update) and kept my /home un-formated.
> And it was a catastrophe :( GDM complained that it couldn't see my home
> dir (/home/julien), which, really, existed.
> I then re-installed FC2 but disabled selinux (through the firewall
> configuration tool in anaconda), and now everything is OK.
> From what i understand, you have to, somehow, make selinux aware of your
> existin /home partition. But I don't have any clue on how to do it, or
> even if it's really where the problem lies.

http://people.redhat.com/kwade/fedora-docs/selinux-faq-en/ says:
Q:. I installed Fedora Core on a system with an existing /home
partition, and now I can't log in.

A:. Your /home partition is not labeled correctly. You can fix this by
labeling /home correctly:

/usr/sbin/setfiles /etc/security/selinux/file_contexts /home

You will need to have the policy-sources package installed to use
setfiles. Alternately, you can use the fixfiles utility to relabel /home
without having to install policy-sources.

 Leonid Mamtchenkov.

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