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Re: Ximian OpenOffice?

Okay I went into /usr/share/application-registry/gnome-vfs.applications and added


under the openoffce entry. When I click on files in a share it's still giving me the same error, treating a URI as a local filename. I am using Gnome 2.6, has the VFS stuff changed to the point that the VFS Openoffice patches no longer work? Or is there a command line argument I have to give to pass it a URI?


Dan Williams wrote:

Red Hat, Debian, and Ximian all build from a common infrastructure and patch set available on ooo.ximian.com. Builds from these three distributions are mostly the same. So if you see the patch listed under a section in the apply file that applies to Red Hat, is in the Fedora RPMs.


On Sun, 4 Apr 2004, Pyroman[FO] wrote:

I noticed that the latest openoffice with FC2 Test 2 is using the Ximian icons, I wanted to ask if it is also using any other Ximian patches? Namely the Gnome-VFS stuff. I was checking out ooo.ximian.com and their 1.1.1 ooo-build has GnomeVFS listed as one of the RedHat patches, so is this actually applied to the version that shipped with Fedora? If not, will building with ooo-build give me the GnomeVFS capability with OpenOffice?


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