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Re: Strange Kudzu Behavior

Hello Pyroman,

> I have two ethernet cards.  One is onboard (3c59x) and one is PCMCIA 
> (8139too).  Kudzu sets the PCMCIA one to eth0 and the onboard to eth1. 
> When I change hwconf manually to make the onboard eth0 and the PCMCIA 
> eth1, it overwrites them when kudzu starts.  If I use 
> system-config-network to set them that way, it still overwrites them on 
> startup.  In fact, if I remove the PCMCIA card, start eth0 (which is now 
> the onboard), get an IP and then put the PCMCIA back in, kudzu still 
> sees the onboard as eth1.  Is this proper kudzu behavior?  or is 
> system-config-network broken?

One would expect that system-config-network overwrites
/etc/sysconfig/hwconf if you change these settings. I guess it is not.

Edit /etc/sysconfig/hwconf by hand and see if that changes the boot
behaviour. If so file a bug report against system-config-network and
state that it should update /etc/sysconfig/hwconf if you change the
order/naming of the nics.


mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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