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Re: Forward looking to FC2 final and SELinux

On Tuesday 06 April 2004 12:25, Stephen Smalley wrote:
> I'd encourage you to read the paper available from
> http://www.nsa.gov/selinux/papers/inevit-abs.cfm.  Quite independent
> of any argument about enabling/disabling SELinux by default for FC2,
> just a case that flexible MAC is important even for the desktop.

I don't discount that it's 'important'.  I doubt whether or not end 
users are prepared to deal with SELinux for their every day use 
computer.  I REALLY question the ideology of forcing it down users 
throats (by making it the default) in a Fedora Core release.  I worry 
that it will be very counterproductive to industry acceptance of Fedora 
Core as a remotely usable distribution.

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