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Re: Future: fhs 2.3 compliance for fc3

Harald Hoyer wrote:
Florian La Roche wrote:

Red Hat has an empty directory called "/mnt" and some people use it to mount single further fs, some add further subdirs to mount more media.

some people like kudzu create directories name "cdrom" and "floppy" there :)

There even have been some proposed corrections to the FHS 2.3 which didn't make it into the final version which actually more precisely define how /mnt can/should look like.

I agree with most people that in the really old days /mnt might have been used as single temporary mount point. But with the same argument a lot of other old cruft could be argued to keep on existing (which luckly often doesn't anymore).

On the other hand, having a /media directory surely doesn't hurt, but assuming that /mnt doesn't contain any subdirectories is plainly wrong IMHO.

/svr again seems to make quite a bit of sense to me as /var really contains some things right now that rightfully don't belong there resp. where there hasn't been a place to put some of these things properly yet.

I'll try to get a list compiled of stuff that might need fixing and either fix them myself or convince the appropriate package maintainers to fix them. :-)

Read ya, Phil

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