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Re: Forward looking to FC2 final and SELinux

On Wednesday 07 April 2004 10:57, Stephen Smoogen wrote:
> Jesse, you need to look at this as a business oppurtunity for your
> VAR. You now can charge big bucks to add selinux=0 in grub.conf for
> the 'meatheads' who cant do it themselves ;)

Of course we can do it here at the office, and we will be for all 
systems going out unless specifically requested not to by the customer, 
and after the customer is informed of all the extra work involved in 
maintaining a SELinux enabled system.  This isn't my concern.

My concern is the perception that people (like my customers) will have 
with a move to have SELinux enabled by default in FC2.  The perception 
that FC is just a way to get cheap (free) beta testers for live 
grenades tossed out there for possible inclusion to a retail 
(expensive) product will only be solidified.  Then VARs like us who 
relied upon RHL for keeping the bottom line down and the quality up 
will have to look elsewhere.  RHEL3 is way too expensive for our bottom 
line, FC could turn out to be too much like a RHEL beta product, and 
there is nothing left under RH's umbrella.  This means we'll have to 
look elsewhere.  6~8 months ago, the "elsewhere" was pretty bleak, but 
with moves that Novell has been making the "elsewhere" is starting to 
look more and more viable as an alternative.  I think the strong handed 
tactics that RH has been using worked before when there was no decent 
alternative, but times are changing and VARs like the one I work for 
are changing as well.  When no VARs can afford to use a RH product for 
their customers, how long until market share for an RH product drops 
off?  A little guy alone can't do much damage, but a whole lot of 
little guys have a way of causing havoc.

These of course are just my opinions and thoughts.  People are free to 
agree/disagree/ignore them.  I welcome thoughts/feedback.

Jesse Keating RHCE      (geek.j2solutions.net)
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