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Re: FC2T2 boot floppies

On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 14:13 -0700, Pete Zaitcev wrote:
> I have a laptop, Sony z505, which would otherwise be supported, except
> the FC2T2 appears not to include any floppy images and the thing only
> boots from a USB floppy. Presumably, vmlinux and initrd do not fit onto 
> a syslinux diskette anymore, but perhaps something can be done about it.

Nope, the kernel grew too much.  It was bound to happen one of these
days... [1]

> I am thinking about splitting vmlinuz and initrd onto two floppies,
> if syslinux supports that.

Nope, syslinux doesn't support this.  It comes up every once in a while
on the syslinux list, but not with enough interest that hpa has written
the code.  A few things have been proposed but nothing accepted.

> Did anyone try it before?

Your best bets are a) use grub to boot the kernel/initrd from an already
installed system or b) wait a couple days when pendrive type images will
be available for booting from usb doohickeys. [2]


[1] Realistically, this is for the best as it will give future
flexibility to do more interesting things and consolidate the loader a
little bit more across platforms
[2] The scientific term I have decided to use for describing all USB pen
drives, compact flash devices, etc that are bootable via your BIOS :)

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