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Re: Xfree86 v. X11-X.org

I wouldn't do it if you don't have a few hours to fix possible problems. I did it using apt-get. Just apt-get update; apt-get install ...; What you'll want to do is something like
rpm -qa |grep XFree
Then fill in the ... above with xorg-x11-* for every thing you have XFree86-* installed already. It should say XFree86-* replaced, 0 removed. If it wants to remove things that you need, you should cancel. You may need to upgrade kde/gnome at the same time. After its installed, you may want to do an apt-get --reinstall install xorg-x11-*, where * are the xorg packages you picked. This reinstall was necessary in the first release because the removal of XFree86 happened afterward and caused some problems. Theoretically it shouldn't be necessary anymore, but it takes less than 5 minutes on most machines, so it should be quick and safe.

You should be done at that point, but problems may insue. Your favorite graphics driver may fail, and you may need to use an older kernel or switch to VESA or fbdev or something. You may need to remove (backup) /etc/X11/XF86Config, the use system-config-something to rebuild it. That "something" is not coming to me. It was something like "graphics", or "gui", but not X11 or xfree86, if I recall. Problems are not expected, but they may occur, so be ready.

-Eric Hattemer

Paul Rigor wrote:

How easy is it to switch to X.org's X11 from the current FC1 distro?   Yum
(and its user) is sorta dumb.

Paul Rigor
pryce ucla edu
Go Bruins!! Go FC!!

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