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Re: RFE (fedora 3? 2.1?)

Ricardo Gorosito wrote:
I know that is to late for a feature request, but:
- LAuS (Linux Audit Subsystem) is in RHEL 3 Update 2 "beta" (see http://www.redhat.com/archives/taroon-list/2004-April/msg00126.html for more info).
- what about RHDB Administrator 2.0 (tcl?)

Sorry, I'm going to stray from the subject a little, but...

For that matter, why not provide bleeding-edge RHEL development packages here on an ongoing basis for testing? Yes, I *am* aware that many of the packages are share the same SRPM, but there are some that have different features (esp. the kernel). After all, not everone is running a single-cpu computer and the feedback might prove to be useful as another QA method. Kinda of like it was before Taroon was final - when you released the latest packages every few days. Some of took advantage of that when we still had end-user RHN accounts. I'd love see what new and wonderful things are being developed up there at the triangle. Don't be afraid to release wip's, some of us (like me) love living on the bleeding edge and fully understand the consequences of doing so. Don't treat us like a red-headed stepchild just because we aren't on the RHN anymore :-). Surely someone up there is messing around with gcc-HEAD?


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