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Re: kernel RPM: Why is CONFIG_IEEE1394 unset?

Does this mean that firewire won't be supported in Fedora Core 2?

FWIW, I read that most of the issues with firewire were fixed in the latest subversion tree of http://www.linux1394.org/ (I've been using the code from there for the past month and I have had absolutely no problems with an external HD even under heavy usage). According to the following post by Ben Collins, he intended to sync the code with Linux on 06-Apr-2004:



Arjan van de Ven wrote:
On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 16:29, Martin Stone wrote:

Hi all,

Just wondering, in the supplied *i?86*.config files for the kernel src RPM, why is CONFIG_IEEE1394 unset?

because it breaks and blows up at boot, even for people who only have a
firewire controller and no firewire devices (which seems to be the

Also wondering why 4KSTACKS is turned on?

because it's good for performance and reduces memory usage, both server
and desktop.

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