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Re: usb modules not loaded (w/ fix)

FINALLY! i really hated it to work without my (usb) mouse! thank you so very much!!!!
...means it's working for me :)

best regards

Jurgen Botz schrieb:
Some time in the last week or so my system stopped loading
the usb bus driver modules, uhci_hcd and ehci_hcd, at startup.

In rc.sysinit, there is the following test:

if ! LC_ALL=C fgrep -q "usb" /proc/devices 2>/dev/null ; then
aliases=`/sbin/modprobe -c | awk '/^alias usb-controller/ { print $3 }'`

Presumably the intent is that if usb already appears in
/proc/devices, then the driver must already be loaded / or
compiled into the kernel?  Well, for whatever reason my system
now shows a line:

180 usb

in /proc/devices even without any of the usb modules being loaded,
so the above test finds that doesn't execute its body.

My solution for now was to comment out the condition, executing
the body unconditionally.


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