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Greetings all Fedora QA'ers!

The second release of QA Assistant, the GNOME-Python Checklist for
Fedora QA'ing is here.  Major elements of this update:

* Descriptions of checklist items in tooltips.  Just hover over a
  line in the checklist for half a second and a description of the
  item and possible ways to verify it will appear.
* File Selection Dialogs so you can start an SRPM review from within
  the application
* Review's now use '*' for bullets rather than '-' to be more GPG
* Optionrenderer speedups and cosmetic enhancements so it looks much
  more like a combo box.
* Implement rpm2cpio in python (Thanks to Ville Skyttä) -- the only
  system call remaining in qa-assistant is one to cpio.

Tarballs are available here:

Download and untar.  Then run ./qa-assistant directly from the untarred
directory.  Select 'File => New => From SRPM' from the menu and open up
any SRPM on your system.  QA Assistant will open a new Fedora Checklist
on the SRPM for your QA'ing pleasure. 

subversion repository available from:

Note:  Feedback much appreciated!

  t  o  s  h  i  o  +  t  i  k  i  -  l  o  u  n  g  e  .  c  o  m
                                                          GA->ME 1999

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