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Re: kudzu hangs on latest kernel

On Sat, 2004-04-10 at 15:42, Jurgen Botz wrote:
> On my desktop workstation (Asus A7V8X mb, Athlon XP 2500 CPU),
> kudzu freezes the system when it runs at startup with kernel
> 2.6.5-1.315.  This is a hard freeze, need to hit reset,
> ctrl-alt-del doesn't, keyboard lights don't respond to capslock,
> etc.
> Anyone else seeing this?
> :j

Yes I had to disable Kudzu as well...last couple versions of Kudzu
locked up my machine when booting 2.6.0 (old i know) and 2.6.5 so it
doesn't appear that the latest kernel is to blame.

Proabably unrelated but I noticed some slab corruption occuring with
selinux in use with 2.6.0, so anyone using latest fedora policy and
selinux packages on an older 2.6 kernel might want to watch out. 
Without SeLinux the corruption didn't occur, but Kudzu still locked up
the system.  The slab corruption was occurring during startup near or at
the time Kudzu was supposed to be loading.  I don't have the slab
corruption anymore with 2.6.5 although I had to disable SeLinux.  Anyone
else notice these problems anywhere?

Logs of OOPses are archived offline I'll have to dig them up, if need


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