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Re: Future: fhs 2.3 compliance for fc3

I know this is a belated reply, I just wanted to throw in some change.

I don't think talking about whether or not we like them is useful here.
It is the fhs and fedora core should be compliant with it.

Your comment expresses more dogmatism than I'm comfortable with.

I was a strong advocate for FSSTND and FHS compliance in the early days [and am
still a supporter of those early standards, especially FSSTND]; but I must say
I've become less and less impressed by FHS with each new revision (especially
lately [e.g., moving around /var/spool/mail, /media, .../misc directories
scattered everywhere, etc.]).

If I remember correctly, the free software world is about freedom and
self-forming community cooperation.  If newer versions of FHS don't pass the
tests of natural selection in such a community, they'll cease to be standards,
and a new ideas will fill FHS' place.

I support the general idea of FHS, but feel they're sorta losin' sight. And if
they dictate from on high a bunch of nonsense, not many people are going to

Peace out,


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