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2.6.5-1.315 + kudzu -- constantly re-detecting my Ethernet card

Over the weekend, I decided to try installing the 2.6.5-1.315 kernel (from 
http://people.redhat.com/arjanv/2.6/) on my laptop, which is currently 
running a fully-updated FC1.

There were the normal 2.6 teething problems -- USB 
modules, /dev/input/mice, that sort of thing -- but things seem to be much 
better than the last time I tried a 2.6 kernel (e.g., no more kernel 
panics from my external USB sound card).

One continuing annoyance is that kudzu persists in detecting my Ethernet 
card (RealTek somethingorother; driver is 8139too) as a new one, and 
configuring it as "eth2" (eth0 is the real configuration of my card; eth1 
is my wireless PCMCIA card). I found a thread from February that mentioned 
a similar issue, but I didn't see any resolution. Should I just disable 
kudzu and ignore the problem for now?

Here's the root of the previous thread:


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