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Re: Comments? (OpenOffice.org Dictionaries)

On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 10:31:55AM -0400, Dan Williams wrote:
> The problem with separate language packs is when do you install them?
> They could potentially be added to the comps files so that each
> additional OOo language would only be installed if you selected that
> language in Anaconda.  However, what do you do after the fact?
What more needs to be done? Does using the installed language packs
require additional manual intervention?

> How
> would they be distributed?  How would you notify users of the additional
> language packs' existence?
Same as you distribute/notify about any other package - they either are
on the Core CDs, or in a (presumably well-known) repository.

> It may well be from a distribution standpoint that DicOOo is the best
> way to go since it empowers users to install only what they need, and
> makes it easily available.  However, it has a few drawbacks (none fatal
> I think): its basically a big macro, some people are uneasy about that,
> and there is also no guarantee how long the information it uses will be
> up online.
* It requires additional manual action after installation (consider kickstart)
  Post-install scripts would probably not be able to use DicOOo, so they would
  have to mostly reimplement the language RPMs
* It does not collaborate with the RPM package database
* <paranoid>Users might download a malicious "dicOOo" script from something
  that looks like a legitimate openoffice.org mirror</paranoid>

> Looking forward as the Fedora Core / Red Hat maintainer of the OOo
> packages, what do people think I should do?
Given all the above (and the fact that Czech was included in the main
package in previous releases :) I'd prefer language packages (we do have
about 400 MB left on the fourth CD, after all), but I understand
that's additional work to be done.

While I don't have the disk space to build the main OO.o package,
I'd be glad to help with building the l10n packs.

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