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Re: Comments? (OpenOffice.org Dictionaries)


I'm not even sure that's possible...  You mean a German localized UI,
but with the English help system?  Unless you physically remove the
German help, I don't think you'll get the English help when set to a
German UI.  What's the motivation for doing this? Wouldn't you want a
German Help too?


On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 09:46 +0200, André Kelpe wrote:
> Am Mo, den 12.04.2004 schrieb Dan Williams um 16:31:
> > Hi,
> > > Do you think I should use one big source RPM for all the languages?  The
> > > down side of this is that the dictionaries are updated in an ad-hoc
> > > manner, so you would have to rebuild the whole lot if you only wanted to
> > > update one language.
> > > 
> Does anybody know how other distributions solve this problem. Maybe
> someone else had an idea which is easy to adpot and no pain to maintain.
> The current setup isn't IMHO very well because you can't tell people to
> use a (in my case) German office with an English help-system.
> André
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