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RE: RFC: fedora.us QA approval format

> enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de (Enrico Scholz) writes:
> >> I know that bugzilla has the 80 charachter limit and have been a
> >> victimized more than once.
> >
> > My suggestion: use w3m which allows to configure an external
> This
> > makes it possible to bypass the 80 character limitation.

I do think that expecting newbies to understand the vagaries of gpg,
browser textarea line wrapping, cut 'n' paste and tab expansion is
probably going to cause us some pain in the long run.

Since it isn't required to sign the entire review, perhaps the better
way to handle it would be to ONLY sign the SRPM md5sum and (if
applicable) PUBLISH recommendation (at least in the automated tools)?
That way anything else can be included, but since it's not signed, it
can be formatted and pasted however is most appealing to the eye,
instead of worrying about 80 char lines etc.

This means we can easily include full source URL's that were verified,

Currently fedora-startqa is designed to be run from a qa account, which
shouldn't have your gpg signing key available to it. However, it would
be pretty simple to have a program to do the split signing from ones
regular account that digests the output from fedora-startqa (Toshio's
qa-assistant, perhaps?). 



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