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Re: Question: Linux kernel releases and Fedora kernel RPMs...

Once upon a time Thursday 15 April 2004 12:40 am, Martin Stone wrote:
> Florian La Roche wrote:
> Right, I was more sort of wondering about updates to the 2.4 series kernel
> in FC1.  There have been updated builds of the 2.4.22 kernel RPM released
> with various bugfix patches, so I'm wondering what the policy is that
> governs when an "update" RPM appears.

I think you will find that the kernel will only have bug/security fixes during 
a release life  FC1  came out with a 2.4.22 and i am assuming that it will 
stay at 2.4.22 series for its life.  and FC2  will probably stabilize on 
2.6.5  or maybe 2.6.6   and thats what it will always have.

things in the kernel are very dynamic and changing versions during a release 
could maybe break things unintentionally.


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