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Re: Question: Linux kernel releases and Fedora kernel RPMs...

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 16:13, Michael A. Peters wrote:

> > 2. The O_DIRECT patch/hack that allows rpm (actually, the underlying
> >   Berkeley DB) to work correctly.
> That's scary - a kernel patch needed for a user space library to work
> properly? I'll have to look that one up and see what that's about - but
> I initially don't like the sound of that.

OK - O_DIRECT looks like a performance tune more than anything, and
isn't _necessary_ so to speak.

I was running vanilla rpm 4.3 on an LFS system with BerkeleyDB 3.x
(whatever the stable 3 was) and has no issues - so I suspect the
O_DIRECT patch wouldn't have been a necessity to have. But not having
run RH9/FC1 I can't say for sure. Just that other systems with rpm and
BDB 3 and 4 and rpm ran fine w/o the patch - so unless RH/Fedora messed
up BDB then that wouldn't have been an issue.

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