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Fedora Tracker update

Just an update on Fedora Tracker. Work has been slowish lately because
of the whole "real job" thing, but here's the latest:

* The Tracker now has a sensible url: http://www.fedoratracker.org
* Packages _should_ now be sorted by name/epoch/version/release. Someone
tell me if they can find an example to the contrary.
* Simplified (and yet more flexible) default repo search page
* All the sourceforge bells-and-whistles: CVS, mailing list, etc.
* Added a 'resources' page with links to the above-mentioned
bells-and-whistles as well as a more coherent legal policy.

I'm currently cross-posting updates between the fedora-devel list and
the fedoratracker list, but I would like to migrate discussion, bug
reports, etc for the Tracker over to its own list for simplicity's sake,
so please consider signing up for it and CC'ing your response there. 


P.S. If you're receiving this and aren't on one of these mailing lists
it's because you emailed me something privately that led me to believe
you'd care about one or more of the changes described above.

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