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Re: File Size Cleanup requests

Em Quinta, 15 de Abril de 2004 23:55, Warren Togami escreveu:
> Also any cases where development specific documentation (like API
> specifications) are within the main package as %doc, we should move it
> to the -devel package.  This should save some space in desktop
> installations.

Closed WONTFIX a long time ago:

du /usr/share/doc/mysql-3.23.58/
11400   /usr/share/doc/mysql-3.23.58
Sizes are from Fedora Core 1; that by far the biggest doc dir on my minimal 
server + MySQL install, next is Bash, with 4184 kb.
I think a -docs packages would be appropriate.

About the INSTALL files, 
grep "These are generic installation instructions." $(find /usr/share/doc 
-name "INSTALL")
would go probably find most duplicates.

Also, python's idle could be probably split into a separate RPM, that's 500Kb 
that I think almost nobody uses.
(closed WONTFIX)

> Warren

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