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Re: Kernel RPM question: What if...

On Fri, 2004-04-16 at 18:05, Martin Stone wrote:
> Hi,
> What if I wanted to build a kernel RPM for FC1 that was like the existing 2.4.22 
> ones except for being 2.4.26?  Where would I start? 

start by downloading the 2.4.26 kernel tarbal and change "22" to "26" in
the top of the spec for the kernel version.
But it'll be painful. I've been doing that kind of work for 3 years now
and I estimate it'd take a week to get a decent kernel out of this.

> The reason I'm trying to do this is that with FC1 stock kernels I am getting 
> random kernel *freezes* - not panics or even oopses - on multiple machines even 
> when trying the usual frequently recommended "apm=off acpi=off nohlt" 
> recommended incantations.  It's my hope that some kind of bugfix has been 
> applied somewhere along the line that would address this problem, as I can't 
> seem to debug it.

you can try the 2.6 kernel rpms if you want; they're pretty solid

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