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Re: Kernel RPM question: What if...

Huw Lynes wrote:
On Fri, 16 Apr 2004 12:05:18 -0400
Martin Stone <martin stone db com> wrote:

The reason I'm trying to do this is that with FC1 stock kernels I am getting

random kernel *freezes* - not panics or even oopses - on multiple machines
even when trying the usual frequently recommended "apm=off acpi=off nohlt" recommended incantations. It's my hope that some kind of bugfix has been applied somewhere along the line that would address this problem, as I can't
seem to debug it.

Oh good it's not just us then. What sort of boxes are they? We've begun to see
this mostly on dual-xeon machines.

Oooooo, mine are all dual-xeons too... how frequently do you freeze? Mine seems to average about 0.5 machines per day over a pool of about 5 machines... but it's pretty random and nothing I do in terms of stressing the box seems to make a difference.

In terms of debugging I'd be tempted to be brutal and just compile vanilla
2.4.26 onto the machines to see if the freezes go away. Then try to rebuild
the kernel RPM later. Working out what patches you don't need any more on
2.4.26 will be painful. Amending the patches you do need will be more painful.
Then you will have to go through and fix all the stuff in *.config that has
changed between versions. That's just annoying. It's possible but don't start
the process until you are convinced that 2.4.26 fixes your problems.

True that. I may just do a vanilla kernel but I *really really* want NPTL.

Comforted to know that someone shares my pain...

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