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RE: Cooperative Bug Isolation Project

> >
> Could you give an example of what the student would post i.e., the
> of information you are looking for?
> Richard

Thanks for the reply. I owe you a dollar :)

Personally, I'd be particularly interested in things relating to the
Fedora as a community. For instance, the status of Fedora Extra's and
the other community contribution policies. Are these being discussed
internally, or is progress as stagnant as it appears on this list? I do
realize that any posting to the list is an invitation to the peanut
gallery for comment, but I guess that goes with the territory. 

Secondly, I'd be very interested in hearing about policy decisions that
are made regarding Fedora. For instance "we decided not to support
kernel 2.4 in FC2 since we're targeting kernel 2.6 for RHEL4". I realize
some of this information has been presented in the past, but I can't
imagine weeks and months go by without any change.

I'd also be interested to hear random "blog" information that provides a
picture of what RedHat folks are working on that relates to Fedora. Such
as "Person's X and Y have been working on integrating selinux policies
for FC2, Person Z is working on a new set of user configuration tools.
Those interested in helping out with these should contact person A." IE
a more user readable summary of the sort of information that can be
gleaned from the commit comments in rawhide report.

Obviously progress is happening on FC2 and at redhat in general, but
from my perspective (monitoring fedora-devel primarily) it's really
tough to know what, exactly. Obviously it's impractical for all
technical discussion to go through the list, but some summary of what's
been going on would help. 

Perhaps a periodically updated list of areas where volunteer help would
be most appreciated would be a good idea, too?

Just my $0.02.


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