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re: Cooperative Bug Isolation Project

On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 17:06, Jeremy Hogan wrote:
> > Ask johnsonm what problems he ran into before he left, ask gafton what
> > problems he's seeing. 
> He sent me that, Cristian's hearing it too. I'll make sure others hear
> it as well.
> > Timely notices of what's going on not just a terse notice once a month
> > or so about when the freeze deadline is.
> What if we hosted blogs, or a blog aggregator? On our site and in the
> open.

guess what? we already have one running:


got quite a number of people who either had some involvement in
fedora.us, have some involvement in red hat or fedora core.

fedora.linux.duke.edu also hosts lots of other things for fedora core to
function. The reason it exists is b/c it's taken nearly 9 months for a
cvs server to be brought up - let alone a web server.

> > 
> > If that's how it's going to be fine, but SAY IT.
> Agreed again. I know that's not how we want it, but it's how it looks.

Then talk more and get more people at red hat to talk more.


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