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re: Cooperative Bug Isolation Project

> I've seen that, I was thinking we should do likewise on our site. Or at
> least link back to that prominently from fedora.redhat.com and aggregate
> non-Fedora stuff elsewhere.

if you want it - just take it - I've offered it before - it's a tiny
tarball - just requires python and libxml2.

it's trivial - it's the same blog aggregation software most of the free
software related planet-sites are running:
planet gnome
planet apache
planet debian
among others.

I know adrian likins has all of the templates and the code that is used.
I sent it to him about 2 weeks ago.

> We already have MoveablType running (currently just the world tour blog
> at blogs.redhat.com), so having blogs hosted here for those who don't
> already elsewhere isn't a big deal. It would encourage more RH folks to
> blog, and it can be added to the aggregate.

all the red hat folks can use gnome-blog with advogato or livejournal
right now, for free, not sure why having an in house moveable type
server will encourage them anymore but <shrug> if it helps get more
communication, have a blast.


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