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Re: Cooperative Bug Isolation Project

Le mar 20/04/2004 à 23:38, Chris Adams a écrit :
> Even something as simple as a fedora-devel-announce (or something like
> that) list that only the leadership group could post to.


These informations could be collected/formated by "Fedora News Updates"

This can be a start point for something like "The Wonderful World of
Fedora Core 2". Something that goes more in depth than a release note.

> Things like "we're turning off SELinux for FC2t3"

It's really better than :
From: Build System <buildsys redhat com>
Subject: rawhide report: 20040420 changes


And then read the new /usr/share/doc/fedora-release-1.92/README-x86-en .

Fedora is a mix of feeling. I don't like the current communication but I
am really impressed by FC2. Te be honest I think the second point more
important :-)

My 2 cents.

PS : sorry for my poor English.

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