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Re: Linux+ certification

Dear Paul, 

On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 23:12, RIGOR,PAUL MACARAEG wrote:
> I'm sorry (really sorry) b/c this is off topic for this list.  But I'd like
> to know which Linux+ cert programs you all would recommend in the Los
> Angeles region?  I know experience is the best; but certification seems to
> validate the experience with more $.

Your question is not clear. Are you asking about the Linux+
certification from CompTIA - or the various Linux certifications (Linux+

Since your question is limited to the LA area, are you asking about
specific courses and / or bootcamps?

Or are you asking if it makes a difference which certification you get
in the LA IT market?

You might ask your question on a regular Linux newsgroup where others
have asked Linux cert related questions before. Check groups.google.com
for details.


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