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Desktop issues discussion proposal

Well... it seems like we have some small issues in the future path of
the fedora core desktop (not only for fedora actually).
1) Menus. More is not the best solution, so it's out. We should try to
create a replacement, because in some situations the menus are
2) How many applications doing the same thing do we need? Having too
many applications can be confusing. A new user (especially one that
comes from another OS or from an old Linux distribution version), would
be confused and might not make the optimal choice for his situation.
Think of how many music players we have, how many editors, how many mail
clients. Should all these be in the equivalent of the now deprecated
X-Red-Hat-Base? Should we even show all the applications we have
installed or just the popular ones? A Microsoft style hide unused
entries would be practical? Are there any other solutions, such as 2/3
level menu tree?

Try and suggest also some other QUESTIONS and a date for a virtual
meeting on irc to find/discuss answers to these. I don't recommend
answering these questions right here/now. An irc chat would be more
appropriate. Also if you want to have a chat on this, think of the time
differences around the world (I'm in GMT+2), because it's evening when
you guys have lunch, and it's waaaay past mid-night (closer to morning)
when it's evening for you.

These being said, I looking forward to a productive mind-storm on these
topic, and not only.

Best Regards,
Razvan Corneliu C.R. "d3vi1" VILT <razvan vilt linux360 ro>
Digital Vision - linux360 - Vision Project Maintainer

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