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Re: postfix aliases file (in light of setup, sendmail, and exim)

On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 22:21, Chris Kloiber wrote:

> How about having the installer create a postmaster account that cannot
> log in by default (shell of "/sbin/nologin") but can get mail with
> pop/imap? Also have the installer prompt for a password that is
> different than root's (to prevent sniffing root's plain text pop
> password).

Why not just have the first boot setup question ask if you want your
user account to receive root's mail, and if no - just simply leave it at
that. If it is undeliverable because postfix can't deliver root's mail,
it is undeliverable.

If the user doesn't want it forwarded to their standard login, or wants
it forwarded to multiple accounts, or even to a completely different
machine, they can set that up themselves.

Generally I have a postmaster alias that sends it to me, as well as
root's send to me. I don't need a separate postmaster account or any
other dummy account just to receive root's mail.

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