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RE: cross-building in chroots: ia32 hosting x86_64 builds?

Axel Thimm wrote:-
> currently I am using chroots for building rpm for various
> distributions from rH7.3 to the upcoming in-flux FC2. This all works
> nicely since the host architecture is always the same.
> I'd like to extend this idiom to x86_64 builds. I could populate the
> chroots with x86_64 rpms, and have the matching toolchain. What else
> is needed to transparently build in these chroots x86_64 rpms? Do I
> need to pass any -m64 switches to gcc or similar to binutils?
> I don't want to upgrade my build machine to x86_64, yet, but I'd still
> like to provide some of the often requested rpms built for x86_64.

I know where you're coming from.

BOCHS will soon support the features you're looking for. It already has
experimental x86_64 support.

I've found it inadequate in terms of stability, so I've bought a Shuttle
AMD64 system, networked it, and made it watch all AMD64 distros on the

The server has the following layout:
...and so on.

I wrote a script (attached) which I run on the AMD64 system. It watches the
directories for a shell script for it to run. When the shell script appears,
it 'chroot's into the relevant distro and runs the script, which builds the
relevant packages.

It's not ideal but it does work.


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