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Re: Weird X11 behaviour since 2.6.5-1.332

On Fri, 2004-04-23 at 10:41, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> nvidia geforce 4 440MX
> Using the nv driver
> Twice now - X11 suddenly stops responding, or is extremely slow in
> responding. The mouse works just fine - so it's not a refresh issue, but
> the window manager/desktop (gnome) takes forever to respond to clicks.
> Switching to a virtual console is instantaneous - but there is a delay
> in log in. But once logged in, the cli is snappy - but the problem
> persists in X11.
> Anybody else seen this?
> Next time it happens I'll see if anything is in the x11 logs - if
> something hasn't already been reported related to this.

Yeah, I am seeing pretty much the same thing, but it's not localized to
X11.  Some other random things are seeing "pauses", like setfiles.  And
I have an ATI Radeon, so at least it isn't a problem with one particular
graphics card.

At first I thought the behavior was SELinux related, but it still
happens when I boot with SELinux disabled.  Haven't seen anything in any
of the logs though.  If I go back a couple of kernels, the problem seems
to go away.


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