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Re: JPEG patent, removal from FC2?

Laurent GUERBY wrote:

Will JPEG be removed from FC2? Since Red Hat chose to remove
some technologies where company were not actively seeking
royalties and litigation (eg: MS/ C# / mono), I assume that
there's some "chance" of Red Hat taking action on this:


I believe that this subject is very delicate... This patent is due soon and that's why I believe they're going after everyone who is using the patented work, to make money while they can. So far , the other technologies removed from fedora have patents that will last for a long time (like mp3) , so this is a new situation that probably will be taken care by the legal folks at redhat..
My opinion is that we should be aware. Removing JPEG support is a huge task (as many applications use this feature) and probably it would take a huge time to remove it now and then to add it back later when the patent expires.. So , this has to be studied before removing support...

Pedro Macedo

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