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Upcoming FC1 desktop updates

In about a week I intend on issuing updates for FC1 control-center, gnome-vfs2 and htmlview that backport the Preferred Application fixes from FC2. These fixes were extremely simple and very well tested, and corrects the very common problem of user applications not using the chosen browser or mail client when URLs are clicked. Specifically these changes I want to backport:

* gnome-vfs2: Default gconf schema that defines the "about:" type.
* gnome-vfs2: Default gconf schema pointing to mozilla, so default Desktop is guaranteed to run a browser that is installed.
* control-center: Preferred Application chooser sets http, https, about, and unknown gconf keys.
* control-center: Preferred Application chooser shows only installed applications, rather than a hard coded list. (Note that I need help verifying that there were no end-user visible string changes that would complicate things for non-English locales. I suspect this is not an issue for this simple application.)
* htmlview: Use the above defined Preferred Applications in the "right" way.
* htmlview: Avoids known infinite loops.
* htmlview: Prevents invalid browser configurations, forcing user to choose a different browser.

These backported improvements also will simplify transition to FC2 later for user desktop profiles, as all behavior should behave identically.

I am warning the lists a week in advance so that people may suggest other "known good" small fixes for these three packages. For example someone suggested a minor x86_64 crash fix for control-center. Please suggest other fixes.


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