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Re: Update on problems creating iteraid driver disk

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> ...
> Well, if ITE wanted its stuff in-kernel, it would be there by now. Don't
> underestimate what you can do (this is free software after all). For
> stuff like this motivation and access to harware is more important than
> coding credentials. People will help and advice you, they just won't
> bother themselves with drivers for hardware they do not have.
> This would be different if you were tweaking a core subsystem, or if you
> didn't have a working driver as a starting point, but a lot of the
> driver work is done by people who just need support for their hardware.
> I should know, I got a few lines myself into the kernel, and it was
> grunt work only me was interested in. Kudos to all the kernel
> maintainers who listened to me at the time.

Got any suggestions as to who i should send patches to, then?  :-)

This still doesn't solve the problem of getting FC1 driver disks made,
though.  I'm sure someone more experienced at driver development would
be able to solve this in a few minutes - isn't module symbol versioning
fairly mundane stuff in kernel terms?
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