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Open bugzilla entries [was Re: Upcoming FC1 desktop updates]

Hi Phil,

> Apologies... True enough it is a little out of context and indeed Warren
> is not the maintainer. However... with this being sat at status new in
> bugzilla since early November of last year, it should have been dealt
> with and pushed out as an errata a long long time ago by it's
> maintainer.

True enough, but sadly there are bugs out there that should have been
fixed years ago. Probably 2/3 of all Red Hat Linux bug reports are not
really relevant to the current situation, but the other 1/3 might well
be. It takes a lot of time to sort these out. If you are interested in
bug triage please join #fedora-bugs (Wednesday bug day).

Also I have built a tool to categorize bugs
(http://www.ottolander.nl/bughunt/) that I have been using on a few
packages (anaconda, rpm, gnome-panel, mc). I hope this tool will help to
get maintainers to fix more bugs by creating some order in the chaos of

Regarding your specific issue, this seems to be fixed in "RawHide", but
I guess that is for FC 2 only. If you want this fixed in FC 1 best bet
is to attach a patch, and hope that a glibc-kernheaders update is
released before EOL. Anyway, having a patch in bugzilla is useful for
other people that are experiencing the same issue.


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