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Re: Update on problems creating iteraid driver disk

Nicolas Mailhot wrote on Sunday 25 April 2004 05:39: 
> Well, if ITE wanted its stuff in-kernel, it would be there by now. Don't
> underestimate what you can do (this is free software after all). For
> stuff like this motivation and access to harware is more important than
> coding credentials. People will help and advice you, they just won't
> bother themselves with drivers for hardware they do not have.

I don't use ITE hardware, but I went googling.  Would this be helpful to 


When I wrote the driver disk page that Paul referred to at the start of this 
thread, I needed a new sk98lin driver to run the 3C940 network chip on the 
Asus P4P800 motherboard.  As part of the process, I contacted SysKonnect's 
USA support folks, and someone helpful there started wheels moving within 
the company, with the result that the in-company driver authors submitted 
their latest to the kernel mainstream.  As a result, the P4P800 network now 
works (I believe) with more recent kernels.

So contacting the company could be well worthwhile -- try to convince them 
that it'd be very helpful to them and to their customers to have their 
latest drivers in the kernel.  If you can, give them some specific pointers 
to how to go about submitting their drivers.


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