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Issues when I use Linux with KVM switch.

I have two machines sharing one monitor, one keyboard and one mouse by KVM switch.
One machine is Windows XP and another one is Linux Fedora.

Linux Fedora 1.0

If I turn on the machine with Linux, after I login to a user, see the KDE environment showing up, I use my KVM to switch to my Windows XP machine, then switch back to Linux machine. At this moment, the mouse is out of control.
I have to use "CTRL + ALT + F1" to switch to different logone screen (command line) then use "CTRL + ALT + F7" switch back the the KDE environment then I can use the mouse without problem.

The same issue is also availabe on Redhat 9.

Linux Fedora 1.91

On 1.91, the problem is even worse. Even I use "CTRL + ALT + F1" then use "CTRL + ALT + F7" back to KDE screen, the mouse is still out of control.

I hope this issue can be fixed soon. How can I file a bug for this? I hope Linux GUI environment can work with KVM switch without problem, as we use KVM on Windows 2000 or XP machines.



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