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Re: kernel updates from external trees

Le mar 27/04/2004 à 02:11, Josh Boyer a écrit :
> In general, what is the frequency that the fedora/redhat kernel folks
> grab updates from external source trees?  I am mostly interested in how
> often it is done for JFFS2, but there are other trees (such as linuxppc)
> where development is done outside of the kernel.org tree that has a
> value to end users.

I am running Fedora Core 1 on a hush Epia-M10000 machine. I _HAD_ to
roll my own kernel with video driver patches:

	- the patches applied to the Fedora kernel src rpm weren't working

	- I wanted to benefit from the 2.6.x kernel speed increase, on a 1Ghz
machine any speed increse is more important than on a 2.x Ghz machine.

The video stuff is stable and performing quite well so my next update of
kernel will be when I change to FC 2.

Hope that helps

Tony Grant 
www.tgds.net Library management software toolkit

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