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Re: xorg-x11 VIA EPIA-CL10000 and Alan's via drivers

> On Tue, Apr 27, 2004 at 01:24:19PM +0200, Tony Grant wrote:
> > While I was messing around I was getting 595 fps in glxgears (wrong
> > version of dri, no XvMC...). Once finished back to 445.
> Interesting.

Sorry I don't have much more information than below. I was running
Fedora Core 1 xfree86 rpms and Fedora Core Mesa. Kernel is hand made
2.6.3 with epia patch and probably your drm module.

I upgraded to XFree-4.4.0 with unichrome r15 source from CVS. make
world, make install. Rebuilt against unichrome r16 so that I could build
Thomas' XvMC. rebooted.

The XvMC wouldn't load because of drm version miss match. Fired up
glxgears and noticed something different... 590 something fps! I then
turned on xine DVB (BBC DVB-S live stream) and was still getting 290
fps!!! With normal apps running (evolution, mozilla...) I was getting a
steady 545 fps.

When I finally found the drm stuff and got XvMC loading glxgears went
back to "normal" levels so I guessed that the XvMC overhead explained
the difference.

Hope that helps.

Tony Grant

www.tgds.net Library management software toolkit

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