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Self-Introduction: Peter E. Popovich

1. Name:       Peter Edward Popovich
2. Location:   Orlando, FL, US
3. Profession: Consultant
4. Company:    Self-employed

5. Your goals in the Fedora Project
* Which packages do you want to see published?
crm114, tre (tre, tre-devel, tre-agrep), nagios, perhaps someday rt.
* Do you want to do QA?
* Anything else special?
Nothing else comes to mind.

6. Historical qualifications
* What other projects have you worked on in the past?
Formerly:  Director of Online Operations, MAPS.
           Editor, Fidonews Software Versions List.
Currently: Packaging crm114 rpms for SourceForge file release.
* What computer languages and other skills do you know?
C, Perl.
* Why should we trust you? <--- too blunt?
Depends on one's definition of "trust".

As Director of Online Operations for MAPS, I oversaw day-to-day operations
of the RBL, RSS, and DUL projects, used to block spam by thousands of
sites, including several major ISPs and tier-1 providers.  At the time, it
was operated as a philanthropic not-for-profit community service project,
with dozens of volunteer contributors.

That doesn't necessarily mean anyone should trust me, though.

7. GPG KEYID and fingerprint
[kani:i686] gpg --fingerprint 39CD7551
pub  1024D/39CD7551 2004-04-26 Peter E. Popovich <peter popovich net>
     Key fingerprint = 7A22 25E2 6BB4 6B63 5DAF  ED79 FEDA 1742 39CD 7551
uid                            Peter Popovich <peter popovich net>
sub  1024g/D7B7D9DF 2004-04-26

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