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Re: Self-intro

Matthias Saou, the freshrpms guy already has Zope & Plone packages for Fedora Core 2 in testing:



Aurelien Bompard wrote:
I just need to read the Wiki to see how to actually get the
packages up there.

Hi Chris

I'd love to see Zope in Fedora too :-) If you haven't done the package yet,
you can have a look at the one in Mandrake, it is made by Stefane Fermigier
(from Nuxeo - CPS).
Else, package submission is described here:
and partially here :
(hmm, 404, try google cache here : http://tinyurl.com/38m4x)



-- Arnaud Abélard Administrateur réseaux et systèmes Irin / Faculté des Sciences Université de Nantes

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