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Re: What makes a production kernel?

On Sun, 2004-04-25 at 22:22, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> > I am not sure, but I think that SuSE patched their 2.6.x kernel in order to 
> > support the current NVidia-Driver. Well at least I have not seen any 
> > statements in the "german" world of SuSE (suse-linux <at> suse.com) so far.
> Funny after the all the bad press they did to Red Hat by publicly
> condemning its patching of the 2.4 kernel.

Mmm politics.

> I certainly hope Fedora won't deviate from kernel.org sources this early
> in the 2.6 cycle (putting it on life support like for 2.4 at the end of
> its life is another thing).

30 odd for us so far, and it won't rise dramatically throughout FC2.
For comparison, the last SuSE 2.6 kernel I pulled down from ftp.suse.com
had somewhere in the region of 160 or so, and that was a while ago, so
probably has increased since then.


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