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Re: kernel updates from external trees

On Wed, 28 Apr 2004, Dave Jones wrote:

Got my attention!

> > FC2, the kernel has gone from pre 2.6, to 2.6.5 already.  It's pretty
> > common knowledge that Red Hat/Fedora kernels contain changes by the
> > kernel developers for various reasons (i.e. bug fixes, backports, etc). 
> > So, do those changes contain fixes from other trees or all they all done
> > "in-house"?
> Stuff in the current kernel falls into a few categories..
> - Red Hat specific hacks
>   (A lot less of these though these days, I think the noninterative
>   oldconfig thing is all thats left)
> - New features we developed which upstream either isn't ready for,
>   or won't take for 2.6, but folks repeatedly ask for (Exec-shield,
>   4G/4G, etc.)
> - Stuff that's destined for mainline real-soon-now.
>   A few cherry picked bits of -mm, and bits and pieces developed
>   by Red Hat folks.
> - Infrastructure work needed for other bits in FC
>   (SELinux patches etc) These also are destined for upstream, but
>   may block on other stuff going in first etc..

Unfortuneatly, I have to agree with your goals.
I've had pain due to the divergence of the RH kernels several times in the 

> > If they do pull in changes from external trees, it might be easier to
> > open bugs and point them to the tree for a fix.  Or maybe I am just
> > blabbering.  I guess I am just curious.
> Pulling individual fixes is deemed the safer alternative, but even
> better is to get this stuff into mainline. Pressure the external tree
> maintainers to get their stuff merged.  If it's a critical bug it's
> certainly something we'll consider adding to the tree until it gets
> fixed in mainline.

But it's hard to get the attention of kernel tree maintainers. Often you 
never know if your patch "is not good enough" or "what may be needed" as 
no one gives it serious attention. Or it's just ignored over and over 
again until someone with influence notices and asks "is something 
wort while going on here". Next thing you get a mild caning for not 
developing "out of the tree".

OK so it's not your problem. I know.

And I don't have any ideas on how to improve the situation. With so much 
happening it must be very hard for the tree maintainers.

How bout you?

> Here's some fun stats with the number of patches against the current
> kernel I have checked out..
> My current FC2 working tree from last weekend - 27 patches
> Fedora Core 1 - 102 patches
> RHL9 - 143 patches
> RHEL3 - 315 patches.

Well done!


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