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Re: Zope RPMs (was Re: Self-intro)

On Wed, 2004-04-28 at 10:45, Matthias Saou wrote:
> > Thanks for the explanation!  I understand now.  I will try to run the
> > gauntlet with my SRPM then without contacting Matthias.
> Yeah, there's no need to :-D

Whoo hoo, always nice when everybody is on the same maillists! ;-)

> Just FYI, the init script in my Zope package still needs to be improved.
> The way Zope's startup and shutdown is done makes it tricky to integrate
> cleanly.

Do you mean the fact that zopectl doesn't write a pidfile or.. ?  My
biggest problem has been getting it to print "OK" "STOPPED" and "FAILED"
at interactive invocation (works ok at startup).  It's always the little

What do you think about putting the zope lib files in /usr/lib/zope27 as
opposed to /usr/lib/zope?  I thought it was a good idea to dirversion
major releases like this at the time, but now I'm not sure.

> Other than that, I've been using Plone with those packages on
> some servers without any problems.

Right.. FWIW, I've got a patch to 2.7.0 that fixes up the error when you
use "zopectl start" (it will be included in later upstream releases). 
If it's ok with you, I'm going to integrate some of your changes into
the original package or maybe vice versa and try to get the result into
the fedora.us repo.  The result will also end up in Zope.org CVS at
http://cvs.zope.org/Packages/ZopeRPMBuild , FYI.


- C

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