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Re: DVD download problem

Warren Togami wrote:

John Hearns wrote:

Hope this is not too far off-topic.

Sorry, this mailing list is for development only discussion. You described a user support issue. fedora-list or fedora-test-list would be best for your problem.

Yes, probably this is an off topic, but yesterday I tried to download DVD of FC2 Test3 from about 10 of official
mirror site and the download always stopped at 2.147.483.648 (2^31) downloaded bytes (my client is FC2T2 and I'm
using ncftp as ftp client).... from sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch, for example, I tried either with Linux and Windows client and I got only the first 2^31 bytes.

After many failed donwloads the mirror ftp://ftp.chl.chalmers.se/pub/fedora/linux/core/ works and I got all needed bytes.

Some ftp servers have a file size limit?


I've failed to downlaod the DVD iso twice, using Firefox. Once from Duke when I didn't leave enough room in /tmp (argh) and cnlab-switch.ch timed out las night.

I've tried wget several times to the cnlab-switch ftp site.
Even with --ignore-length (appropriate for http I know)
it is fetching a 84,785,152 byte long file.
Ideas please?

bittorrent is usually a good way to download stuff as large as DVD images. It is also very good at resuming transfers.


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