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Re: kernel updates from external trees

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 14:31, Dave Jones wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 01:06, Josh Boyer wrote:
> > I am looking forward to when the Fedora CVS tree opens up.  It'll be
> > easier to come up with patches when you can diff against the current
> > source, instead of an older RPM where you don't know if something has
> > been fixed already or not
> Indeed, it will make life a lot easier for external contributors.
> Right now you have to pull down the whole whopping great SRPM each
> time. A 'cvs update' will save folks from having to do that.

it is trivial and if people are interested, I can make the expanded
src.rpm available on people.redhat.com. 

> > That's not to say that the kernel developers
> > are necessarily looking forward to getting more patches from us, but at
> > least we can try to help when needed :).
> On the contrary, if the patches are sane, I'm looking forward to it 8)

But to be honest, the best way to get kernel changes done is to send
them for inclusion into the upstream (kernel.org) kernels. The first
question I and Dave will ask for *any* patch is "why isn't it in
upstream", because if it's not good enough for upstream why would it be
good enough for us?

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