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self-introduction: Aaron Bennett


I've been reading this list for a while, and I've made a few useful packages which I'd like to see included in Fedora.

Here's the self-introduction as required by the Fedora submission policy:

1.  Full Name:  Aaron Bennett
2.  Needham, MA
3.  Unix Administrator
4.  Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

5. Goals in the Fedora Project:

I'm responsible for creating the Fedora install which goes on all of our student's laptops. Our students all dual-boot Windows and, currently, Red Hat 9. As part of this effort, I've been working on optimizing Fedora for laptop usage by generating various rpms, which I'd like to get into Fedora. As I continue this work, I'd like to see Fedora grow and get better. After all, if I do something here which makes 150 students lives better, that's one thing. If at the same time it can get back upstream to Fedora it will have so much more impact.

For a start, I'll be submitting srpms for waproamd & ifplugd.

6. Historical Qualifications:

For my resume, please see http://www.systemspoet.com/~abennett/bennett,aaron.html

I'm an experienced Linux user, Systems Administrator, and developer. I used to work for Genuity in the web hosting engineering department where we basically created a "distribution" of Solaris customized for web hosting. I know perl, shell scripting, and a little python. You should trust me because I can recite the prologue to the Canterbury Tales in Middle English as well as substantial chunks of Office Space.

pub 1024D/0A708DCE 2004-04-29 Aaron Bennett <aaron bennett olin edu> Key fingerprint = D6CD 4828 4955 2B89 9198 2596 7343 EE2A 0A70 8DCE sub 2048g/A06D241B 2004-04-29 [expires: 2009-04-28]

Looking forward to working with you all,

Aaron Bennett

Aaron Bennett
UNIX Administrator
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

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